Endometriosis resources including support groups, self-help books, articles, coping, and a glossary

myths-misconceptions Myths and misconceptions in endometriosis
20 November 2016

Diagnostic delay and hit and miss treatments in endometriosis are often due to myths and mis-conceptions about the disease – get the FACTS here.

Survey-picture Survey of unanswered research questions in endometriosis
1 June 2016

This survey is now closed. Thank you for your contribution. A second survey will be announced early in 2017 to prioritise research questions in endometriosis.

JLA-endometriosis-logo-block James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership for Endometriosis
26 February 2016

Background and mission of the JLA PSP for endometriosis: what we are trying to achieve with this project.

JLA-steering-group-100 JLA PSP Steering Group
26 February 2016

The James Lind Alliance (JLA) Priority Setting Partnership for Endometriosis Steering Group members.

woman-crouching Facts about endometriosis
27 September 2015

FACTS about endometriosis to aid journalists, medical writers, bloggers, etc, who wish to ensure their publications about endometriosis are correct.

Endometriosis-Pelvic-Pain Endometriosis and pelvic pain
18 March 2015

“Endometriosis and pelvic pain”, by Susan Evans and Deborah Bush, is a practical book for women with pain. It is written in an easy-to-read style with information on how to alleviate a wide range of pains.

CDs Taping endometriosis surgery
9 April 2013

Quality control of endometriosis surgery could be achieved by taping every procedure to record the extent of disease removed as well as any surgical complications.

Film-endometriosis-english Symptoms, treatment and support for endometriosis
11 September 2012

Symptoms, treatment and support for endometriosis, a disease that affects one in ten women worldwide (176 million). From

Film-endometriosis-deutsch Symptome, Therapiemöglichkeiten und Unterstützung bei Endometriose
11 September 2012

Symptome, Therapiemöglichkeiten und Unterstützung bei Endometriose: eine Erkrankung, die jede 10. Frau weltweit betrifft. Von

Film-endometriosis-italiano Sintomi, trattamenti, e sostegno per l’endometriosi
11 September 2012

Sintomi, trattamenti, e sostegno per l’endometriosi, una malattia che colpisce una donne su dieci in tutto il mondo. Da

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