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Impact of endometriosis presented to US state legislators for the first time!
17 November 2011

Lone Hummelshoj (WERF) and Heather Guidone (EFA) today presented on the impact and cost of endometriosis at the 2nd Annual Healthcare Summit of Women in Government in Washington DC and called for action in three policy areas.

AAGL2011: Endometriosis focus at the 40th Annual Meeting of the AAGL
10 November 2011

The AAGL featured Padma Lakshmi, Linda Griffith, and many others at its 40th Annual Meeting, and honoured Leila Adamyan for raising the level of care for women.

Clinical trials in endometriosis (CenterWatch)
25 October 2011

Listed on

Clinical trials in endometriosis (
25 October 2011

As listed on

ASRM2011: Special Interest Group on Endometriosis has arrived
20 October 2011

The Special Interest Group on Endometriosis ensured that clinical and basic science on the disease was at the forefront of the 67th Annual Meeting of the ASRM

ASRM2011: Improving fertility through nutritional medicine (pre-conceptional care)
19 October 2011

Special Interest Group on Nutrition held is first Post-Graduate Course on pre-conceptional care through nutrition: important for both women and men when trying to conceive!

ASRM2011: Is endometriosis the cause or a by-stander when it comes to pain?
17 October 2011

Is endometriosis responsible for all pain and, if so, how is this managed long term in different types of patient groups?

WCE2011: Highlights from the 11th World Congress on Endometriosis
9 September 2011

At WCE2011 1300 delegates celebrated eleven outstanding pioneers in the field of endometriosis and shared clinical and basic research.

A History of Endometriosis
9 September 2011

A History of Endometriosis by Ronald Batt MD takes us on a scientific (and entertaining!) journey from the early science of endometriosis leading to today’s understanding of the disease.

Talking with your doctor
8 August 2011

Helpful advice on how to prepare and communicate effectively with your physician to decide on your treatment for endometriosis.

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