The launch of a French national strategy for endometriosis is the second such national initiative, following Australia’s development of a National Action Plan, and it is an important milestone for the cause of endometriosis.

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, made the announcement of the national strategy in January 2022 – a rare declaration from a government leader.  He tweeted:

It [endometriosis] is not a women’s problem, it is society’s problem. The national strategy we’re launching brings hope for a better quality of life for millions of women and girls.

What is the French national strategy on endometriosis?

The national strategy aims to improve the lives of those affected by endometriosis and those around them by actively acting on 5 areas:

According to Marina Kvaskoff, epidemiologist and tenured scientist at Inserm, research and innovation is one of the important pillars of this plan and this goal was identified as the top priority of this national strategy, which she will be coordinating together with Dr Claire Giry and Professor Nicolas Bourdel.

To date, research efforts in endometriosis in France have mainly focused on clinical research, while basic research has been more limited, as detailed in a previous report.

Said Dr Kvaskoff:

Basic research is fundamental to improve our knowledge on the causes of the disease, its pathophysiology, natural history, consequences on patients’ lives, and to develop new treatments of the disease. Investment in innovation and digital solutions is crucial to enable usage of  cutting-edge MedTech technologies in endometriosis research.

Fostering research and innovation in endometriosis in France

The working group work for the research arm of the national strategy (“Station E”) has proposed to pursue three objectives:

1. Structure and develop dynamic research on endometriosis

2. Develop epidemiological knowledge on endometriosis

3. Foster innovation in endometriosis

Collaboration in endometriosis is key

Dr Kvaskoff expressed her pleasure with working on these proposals in close collaboration with patient societies, clinicians, Inserm, and the French Ministry of Health:

Our group conducted close to 60 interviews with various stakeholders in France and worldwide. I am very much looking forward to continuing this work with our working group and all involved stakeholders to take this plan to the next level: to significantly improve the care of those with endometriosis in France and beyond.

The full details of the French national strategy for endometriosis are available in the report that Dr Chrysoula Zacharopoulou handed to President Emmanuel Macron on 11 January, 2022.

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