Endometriosis: the inside story

Two women, one a nurse in Australia, the other a film maker in the US in Texas, had identical experiences with endometriosis: mis-diagnosis, unbelievable pain dismissed as hypochondria, imagination, or “This is normal – put up with it”.

They each determined to share their experiences with other endometriosis sufferers.

Cover of the video: Endometriosis the inside storyThey met in an internet chat room. They planned, they raised money and from their own experiences with the disease and with the help of some caring doctors and women’s support groups they made a documentary film that shows women what they can expect when they get endometriosis.

The result is this excellent video, a US/Australian co-production, which has been highly praised by support groups all over the world as the most powerful and complete film ever produced on this tricky subject. OBGYN.net has also published an interview with Belle Browne, the Australian nurse.

The video is now freely available to watch.

Acclaim for “Endometriosis: the inside story”

Mary Lou Ballweg, President of the Endometriosis Association:

“This video is so good that it simply must get out to the world.

From the beginning of the Endometriosis Association, women and girls have shared their stories of endo – powerful, painful, poignant stories.

Anyone who listens to these stories will be moved and forever change their attitudes towards this disease. Now, in a wonderful documentary, the best video ever on endo, women tell their stories for the world. If we can get partners, friends, families, and most of all, doctors and researchers, to view this documentary we can help change the world’s view of endometriosis.”

Heather C Guidone, Director of Operations, Endometriosis Research Center:

“‘Endometriosis: The Inside Story’ is, simply put, one of the best coping tools a woman and her family can have when dealing with endometriosis.

‘The Inside Story’ shows us that we are not alone with this disease and that no one has to suffer in silence. Belle and Monica have done a wonderful job of showing the world how it is to live with Endometriosis – and how to get help managing it. Honest, educational, empowering and full of the latest information, no patient or doctor who treats this insidious disease should be without a copy of ‘The Inside Story’ in their video library.”

Jeffrey M Cox, Programmer/Analyst, IA Systems Inc:.

“Shortly after returning from DC (within a week) Jen and I both sat down to watch the documentary. I, for one, was very moved. I probably went through about a dozen tissues during the course of the video. Yes, men do cry sometimes. Just don’t let out my secret…
Much of what I saw was very familiar to me, especially after having just come back from the walk and hearing all the testimonials of the women I met there. There was much information that was new to me. Particularly some of the interviews of the Endo specialists contained bits of information that I had never heard before.

I think the fact that Jen and I had spent a weekend with you made the video that much more powerful for me. To get a view of the daily life for women who have more debilitating disease than Jen does was just incredible. I sat in amazement, all the while thinking “Is this how Jen’s going to be in a few years?” It deeply saddened and angered me that there are so many women in so much pain and relatively little is being done about it. My respect for you and other women who have this disease has also increased dramatically. The fact that you were able to come to the US to show support for the cause shows how strong of an individual you are.

I would love to see a Part II to the documentary. The more information there is out there about this disease, the better.”

Carey and John Blondin, who started Mendo and Carey’s Endo Survivial Kit:

“John and I just finished watching your video. One word comes to mind for us – FANTASTIC. You all did a fabulous job in getting the REAL story of endometriosis out there. There has never, in our opinion, been a more realistic , more factual, more true to life program about endometriosis than yours.

This video brought John and I both to tears several times. And watching you in surgery… man did that rip at my heart. I SO remember those feelings that you expressed without any words at the end of your surgery when the nurse was talking to you.

It is a huge success in our book, Belle. Bravo to the entire team involved. Now we can’t wait until your second one.”


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