National Action Plans

Nations are beginning to develop ‘national action plans’ for endometriosis and ‘women’s health strategies’, which incorporate endometriosis. This is progress!

This page summarises activities happening in each country to move forward the cause of endometriosis: commitment to and investment in raising awareness, providing education and facts, improving management/care, and funding research and innovation.

Cross country, global, collaboration is key when it comes to moving the field of endometriosis forward!

29 November 2023

Denmark’s national support organisation is now (partially) funded from the state budget following a hearing with the parliamentary select committee for health.

28 November 2023

Australia was the first country to develop a National Action Plan to tackle the challenge that is endometriosis.

28 November 2023

The launch by president Emmanuel Macron of a French national strategy for endometriosis is an important milestone for the cause of endometriosis.

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