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News from national endometriosis organisations from around the world.

ERC’s centralised, revamped awareness campaign now underway
15 July 2006

The ERC is pleased to announce that it has centralised and revamped its various awareness campaigns under one programme, in order to streamline and revitalise its efforts.

Picture of Ailsa Irving National Endometriosis Society celebrates 25 years
3 July 2006

Ailsa Irving, founder of the National Endometriosis Society in the UK, shares memories on the 25th anniversary of the charity (now Endometriosis UK).

Picture of Lucy Arce and Dr Idhaliz Flores First gathering of endometriosis patients in Puerto Rico: battling endometriosis
15 April 2006

The very first meeting of Endometriosis de Puerto Rico was held on 26 March 2006 with Senator Lucy Arce presenting Dr Idhaliz Flores with a declaration for endometriosis awareness!

Picture of Adelaide Damoah Endometriosis Awareness Week 2006 creates noise, light and hope
19 March 2006

Endometriosis Awareness Week was kicked off ouside the UK Parliament at noon on Monday 6 March with a communal SCREAM, symbolic of he pain each woman with endometriosis has to endure and demonstrating their frustration at a lack of funding and action from the government.

Logo from Associazione Italiana Endometriosi Onlus (AIE) More progress made by the Italian Endometriosis Association towards their legislative awareness campaign
18 October 2005

Jacqueline Veit (co-founder/president of Associazione Italiana Endometriosi was received at the Senate for an audience as part of the investigation currently underway on the issue of endometriosis as a social disease.

Italian spotlight on endometriosis as a social disease
15 August 2005

First ever conference to address endometriosis as a social disease takes place in Rome in June 2005. Giorgio Vittori, Jacqueline Veit, and Lone Hummelshoj make their case for investment into the disease.

European support groups get endometriosis into the headlines
15 April 2005

Endometriosis Support Groups in Europe simultaneous arranged awareness and informational events across Europe.

A potted history of the Endometriosis Association Victoria
15 April 2005

Ros Wood celebrates 21 years of achievements for the Endometriosis Association Victoria (Australia), including helplines, research, information, first ever endometriosis clinic, and the book Explaining Endometriosis.

European Endometriosis Alliance
15 January 2005

The European Endometriosis Alliance (EEA) was founded in October 2004 and is an umbrella organistion for national endometriosis support organisations in Europe.

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