Key opinion leaders and specialists in endometriosis provide their point of view about what is happening in the field of endometriosis and to what to extent it benefits women with the disease.

Five things that pelvic health physical therapy can do to improve your endometriosis-related pain
3 March 2015

Sallie Sarrel explains five benefits from pelvic physical therapy that may help women with endometriosis and pelvic pain to improve their symptoms.

Is there transparency in clinical trials on endometriosis?
26 July 2013

Non-published results from clinical trials in endometriosis may have a negative effect in overall understanding of the disease.

11 April 2013

What does pain look like? Lotte Stenfors Arnesen, a woman with endometriosis, describes vividly in this poem the challenge of living – day in and day out – with chronic pain, without letting it define you or taking away your life.

Is endometriosis all in your head?
25 March 2013

Dr Robert Albee Jr, a renowned endometriosis surgeon, addresses the psychological impact of undiagnosed endometriosis on young women.

Endometriosis morbidity: can it be prevented with early diagnosis and complete excision?
15 February 2013

Surgeons Patrick Yeung Jr, Ken Sinervo, and Robert Albee Jr advocate early surgical excision of endometriosis in reducing the morbidity of endometriosis and preserving fertility.

Abortion does not cause endometriosis
6 September 2012

Endometriosis has recently been confused with endometritis. It is NOT the same disease: endometriosis occurs outside the uterus. Endometritis occurs inside the uterus. Neither disease is associated with abortion. Elizabeth Bruce is brave to speak out about the disease!

Mentionitis: educating others about endometriosis
7 May 2012

We need to mention endometriosis often to raise awareness of the disease and educate others about its impact and cost. Think “mentionitis” when you have the opportunity to talk about endometriosis!

Is there a role for robotic surgery in endometriosis?
6 January 2012

John Steege and Philippe Koninckx provide their experienced views on why we should wait for evidence, rather than respond to marketing claims, of the value of robotic surgery in endometriosis.

Resolutions for the New Year?
31 January 2011

Lone Hummelshoj asks what you will do in 2011 to make a difference for 176 million women with endometriosis? Will you get involved to provide support, donate to research, raise awareness, or suffer in silence?

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