ERC’s centralised, revamped awareness campaign now underway

15 July 2006 | by Heather Guidone

The ERC is pleased to announce that it has centralised and revamped its various awareness campaigns under one programme, in order to streamline and revitalise its efforts!

Please visit to join and help make a difference in Endometriosis Awareness.

Through the new, centralised point for all ERC Awareness initiatives, committee members can engage in a number of activities, ranging from traditional writing campaigns to legislative awareness efforts. The ERC is a leader in education and awareness, having collaborated on several books, publications, videos and much more over the past years. Additionally, it hosted the Internet’s first FREE endometriosis educational webcast during its symposium in Washington, DC. The ERC was also the first endometriosis organisation in the USA to undertake the important task of raising awareness among policy makers.

Subsequently, the ERC is nationally renowned for its pioneering efforts and many successes in the legislative arena, helping to raise recognition about issues pertinent to endo at the government level. To that end, the ERC has worked for years with concerned legislators and policymakers to establish resolutions formally recognising the need for disease awareness, including in New York, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, California, Wyoming, and Pennsylvania.

Most gratifying, however, came when the 107th Congress of the United States unanimously passed our country’s first-ever national legislation, House Concurrent Resolution 291. Introduced on the ERC’s behalf, H.Con.Res.291 formally proclaimed March as National Endometriosis Awareness Month and expressed the sense of Congress that it “strongly supports the ERC’s efforts to raise public awareness of endometriosis throughout the medical and lay communities and recognises the need for better support of patients with endometriosis, the need for physicians to better understand the disease, the need for more effective treatments, and ultimately, the need for a cure.

“We need YOUR continued help to make strides in the awareness arena!”

By volunteering in this important group, committee members will help the ERC make a positive global impact on endometriosis awareness, ranging from efforts as small as correcting misinformation on- and offline all the way up to helping to establish legislation about endometriosis awareness. Projects and materials will be posted regularly, and you will be provided with the necessary items required to wage a successful campaign in your own local area.

Please stop by and join our efforts.

Our strength depends on you!

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