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General news from the field of endometriosis

Recognising endometriosis as a social disease
13 November 2007

Increased awareness and investment in research has resulted in unprecedented recognition of endometriosis by the European Parliament, taken up by the Italian Senate in a 5-year action plan.

Picture of Robert Taylor Robert Taylor honoured as distinguished researcher
14 October 2007

The ASRM Distinguished Researcher Award has been presented to Professor Robert Taylor, who has devoted an almost 30-year career to the study of endometriosis.

European Union grants funding for endometriosis work in Europe
10 May 2007

Historic funding from the European Commission provides encouraging news for millions of women whose lives are affected by endometriosis.

European Parliament brings endometriosis stake holders together
28 March 2007

Legislators, physicians, and women with endometriosis from across Europe came together in the European Parliament today to raise awareness of the disease.

Conclusion of investigation by the Italian Senate into endometriosis as a social disease
15 January 2007

Laura Bianconi’s investigation by the Italian Senate is an important step forward towards the official recognition of endometriosis as a social disease, recognising the need for improved treatments and economic aid to women with endometriosis.

World Endometriosis Research Foundation launches at ASRM
22 October 2006

World Endometriosis Research Foundation (WERF) launches at the Annual Meeting of the ASRM in New Orleans (2006). The first global charity to foster research in endometriosis.

Picture of Corinna Schmid and Joseph Maldonado New law in Spain allocates more money to investigate endometriosis
27 June 2006

A law in the Spanish Congress of Representatives was approved unanimously recognising endometriosis and has lead to the Spanish government allocating more money to the fight against this chronic disease.

Council conclusions for women’s health in Europe accepted by all Member States
13 June 2006

The Council of the European Union has formally recognised the need that more attention is given to women’s health issues – and endometriosis is again highlighted as a disease which deserves specific attention.

Historic decision for women’s health made by the European Commission
16 February 2006

EU Community Public Health Programme (2006) now includes specific reference to the need for “information and definition of indicators to improve relevant information for specific aspects of women’s gynaecological and menopausal health (eg. endometriosis)”.

Picture of Maria Rauch-Kallat World Endometriosis Society welcomes Austrian EU-presidency initiative: Austrian Health Minister urges more awareness for endometriosis
24 January 2006

Maria Rauch-Kallat is taking action and will focus on women’s health, and endometriosis in particular, during the Austrian EU presidency in 2006.

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