New law in Spain allocates more money to investigate endometriosis

27 JUNE 2006

Today is an historic day for women affected by endometriosis! For the first time a proposal of a law in the Spanish Congress of Representatives was approved unanimously, and subsequently has lead to the Spanish government allocating more money to the fight against this chronic disease.

Picture of Corinna Schmid and Joseph Maldonado
Corinna Schmid and Joseph Maldonado

For four years Asociacion de Endometriosis España (AEE) has been fighting to raise awareness of endometriosis in Spain and, together with other assocations in Europe, to work towards finding its cause and a treatment.

The AEE has fought hard to ensure that all aspects were covered in the proposed law (PPL) to ensure that a maximum number of actions were taken in the fight against endometriosis – and also that these were approved by all the parliamentarian groups.

On the day of voting, after the negotiations between the author of the PPL, Joseph Maldonado, and the speakers of the PSOE, PP, ERC, IU and the President of the AEE, Corinna Schmid, it was approved unanimously!

Now, a working team has been created formed by the Health Ministry and specialists in endometriosis, including the AEE president, Corinna Schmid.

The result of their plan of action will be presented to the Spanish parliament in January 2007. Without doubt, this is an historical moment for more than a million affected women in Spain – but also for women everywhere, if other governments take notice of this wonderful progress!

This is a proud moment for the AEE, as they now see the results of what they have fought for for several years!

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