Endometriosis – disease primer

Nature Reviews Disease Primers has today published the first primer on endometriosis, authored by an international group of experts.

The primer provides a global and authoritative overview of research on the disease, as well as of the challenges facing the research community as it strives towards a better understanding of this all too common condition.

The Primer provides a comprehensive overview of the potential causes of endometriosis, how the disease is diagnosed and staged, and the available treatment options [1].

It also discusses challenges and research goals in an accessible format.

The primer is free to view (click here).

First author, professor Krina Zondervan, said:

Professor Krina Zondervan
Oxford University

The aim of this primer is to provide a comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art knowledge of endometriosis, for clinicians, basic scientists, and medical students with an interest in the field.

This includes epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment, mechanisms of pathogenesis, quality of life aspects, and an outlook to the future. We very much hope this is a useful resource guiding new interests and ideas to tackle this very common and debilitating condition in years to come.

Visual summary of endometriosis

Click on the image above to be taken through to the PrimeView

Nature Reviews Disease Primers (@DiseasePrimers) is a Nature Research journal that was launched in 2015 to provide broad review articles on various health fields.

View the primer here.

  1. Zondervan KT, et al. Endometriosis. Nature Reviews Disease Primers 2018; vol 4 article number: 9

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