In memoriam: Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor died on 22 January 2024. He was a brilliant and passionate scholar, visionary in science and reproductive medicine, and someone who was committed to finding pain relieving solutions for those with endometriosis.

We pay tribute to a scientist, who tirelessly worked to discover how to ease the pain of those with endometriosis, through his investigations into the molecular and cell biology of the human uterus and placenta, with an emphasis on endocrine and paracrine regulation of chemokines, cytokines, and neuroangiogenic growth factors in endometriosis.

The above description of Dr Taylor’s work sounds very complicated – and it is – because we’ve yet to discover what causes endometriosis and, therefore, how to treat it effectively.

Dr Taylor, however, pursued potential solutions for the management and care of endometriosis with scientific rigour leaving no stone unturned and, subsequently, published more than 385 scientific papers with what he discovered.

World Endometriosis Society President, Professor Stacey Missmer, summarises the essence of Robert Taylor:

Rob embraced the uncertainty and complexity of endometriosis, which compelled him toward answering the next and the next and the next question with curiosity and the highest rigour. A true role model. His loss feels impossible, and he will be forever missed.

Long-term collaborator, Fritz Wieser, added:

Rob was a brilliant physician and scientist with an enormous understanding – not only of reproductive medicine.  Most importantly, though, Rob was able to lead you on a path of success which you would have never imagined to walk by yourself – he was a real mentor for so many.

Global collaboration in endometriosis

Dr Taylor supported from its inception and was an early mentor and champion of our global mission to provide factual information about the disease. He supported our core mission of calling for expert care, as well as the need for collaborative research networks across the world. His input, guidance, and advice towards these goals were and continue to be invaluable.

Robert Taylor’s intelect, compassion, wisdom, wit, and humour will be sorely missed among those of us who continue to progress the collective knowledge base to improve the lives of those with endometriosis.

Thank you Rob for your amazing contribution. We will build upon your work and hope you will rest in peace.

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