Endometriosis Promotion Project (EPP): a multi-national and multi-centre epidemiological study

The Endometriosis Promotion Project (EPP) is a multi-national and multi-centre epidemiological study which, over three years (April 2017-March 2020), will investigate the pattern of cyclic or acyclic pain and its personal/social impact among young women.

Kyoto Prefectual University of Medicine, Japan

Professor Khaleque Khan (principal investigator) invites collaborators from national/public/private medical universities and/or institutions to be part of this study – see below how to contribute!


To investigate the pattern of cyclic or acyclic pain and its personal/social impact among young women based on self-reported questionnaires.

Study population to participate in this study

  • Medical and/or nursing students from each participating university or institution.
  • Include medical students (1st year to 5th year) and nursing students (1st to 4th year)
  • Study population from affiliated hospitals and/or institutions is encouraged


Well-designed questionnaires, biological markers, imaging (USG/MRI).

End points of the study

  1. To identify high-risk groups of young women who may harbour endometriosis,
  2. To analyse background demographic profiles of these women in each country/centre,
  3. Early detection of endometriosis and its early management.

Participating countries in Asia

Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Iran, India, Japan*, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan.

Kyoto Prefectural University, Oita University, Kumamoto University, Ryukyu University, Wakayama University, Nagoya University, Tottori University, Nihon University, Jentendou University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

How to join and contribute to this study

A/Professor Khaleque Khan, Japan

A/Professor Khaleque Khan, MD, PhD (principal investigator)
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Centre for Quality Research and Development
International Academic Exchange Centre
Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine,
Kyoto, Japan

This study has epidemiologic input/support from A/Professor Stacey Missmer, Mitchigan State University.

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