Brasilian Society of Endometriosis targets women in the workplace


The Brazilian Society of Endometriosis (SBE) launches its third awareness campaign with the objective of providing information to the general public on endometriosis. Its actions are aimed at providing information to the populations of four geographical areas of Brazil and to female employees of large Brazilian companies.

Sociedade Brasileira de Endometriose logoThe Brazilian Society of Endometriosis and Minimally Invasive Gynaecology (SBE) – founded by a team of Brazilian experts – has been growing, every day, on the international scene of endometriosis.

Scientific researches and published papers signed by its members are the certification of this development, some of them winning prizes at major events of this specialty, as happened at the World Congress on Endometriosis, in March last year, in Melbourne, Australia.

But SBE did not forget to look at the population of Brazil, so devoid of information about this serious disease that affects up to six million women of reproductive age in the country.

Therefore, practical actions of social demand are among its projects. For 2009, in particular, two actions will be undertaken: the Project Best Women and the Itinerant SBE.

The Best Women is a bold project that aims to bring information and clarification on endometriosis to the largest possible number of women in a very special way: in their workplace. For this purpose, SBE will work together with the Great Place to Work Institute, bringing such information through lectures with experts to the 50 best companies for women to work in Brazil. Thousands of women could learn more, ask questions and clear doubts on endometriosis, so they can know symptoms and possible treatments of the disease and become agents for changing a hard reality for about 6 million of Brazilian women.

And, the Itinerant SBE is an action that will facilitate the exchange of experience between gynaecologists from all over the country, through discussion of clinical cases and surgeries demonstrations, when the local structure permits. The major mission of this project is to bring information to the most distant places of the country, the small and poor towns, to provide re-training for a larger number of physicians.

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