Japan Endometriosis Association publishes third national study

APRIL 2007

The Japanese Endometriosis Association has announced preliminary results from their National Endometriosis Survey showing adverse emotional effects of GnRH-analogues when used in endometriosis

Logo from JEMAThe Japan Endometriosis Association (JEMA), founded in 1994, conducts a national endometriosis survey every five years.

Their 2006 data (n=668) shows that 28% of respondents suffer depression whilst using GnRH-a, with 16% having suicidal thoughts, and 2% actually attempting suicide.

JEMA has often had meetings with and made petitions to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) in recent years, and has strengthened its political ties. It has repeatedly called for the increased use of standard global medical treatment in Japan, including the low-dose contraceptive pill, promotion of laparoscopic surgery for diagnosis, and a reduction in the empirical use of GnRH-a due to the side-effects reported above.

The low-dose contraceptive pill was not approved until September 1999 in Japan. However, its use has not spread because MDs hesitate to prescribe pills without insurance coverage, and with a lack of knowledge and experiences they do not recommend this to patients. And so, since the autumn of 2002, JEMA has been involved in the project for applying for health insurance coverage for endometriosis.

More recently JEMA has translated the ESHRE Guideline for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Endometriosis into Japanese. The guideline is reviewed annually, by an international panel of experts, according to evidence-based principles.

JEMA has been educating women with endometriosis and working with health care professionals in Japan for the past 13 years. It publishes a semi-annual newsletter and semi-monthly mail magazine.

Masumi INUI , Executive Representative of JEMA, is an author of books on endometriosis and writer/editor of JEMA publications, and she is an occasional guest speaker of medical meetings or TV programs as a recognised endometriosis specialist.

→ Download all the data from the JEMA report 

JEMA’s health improvement activities

JEMA is involved with:

  • Worldwide lectures, speeches, press releases, etc. in medical societies and affiliated meetings.
  • Negotiation and collaboration with MHLW and medical corporations.
  • Exchange and utilisation of information with mass medias.
  • Sharing and correcting infor
  • Sharing and correcting information about endometriosis on the Internet
  • Collaboration with endometriosis support groups worldwide, affliated group and other NPOs.

One of JEMA’s most important activities is improving medical treatment so that Japan can keep up with the best standard of care for women with endometriosis.

Since 1996, JEMA has participated in five related medical conferences to present, discuss and hand out reports, etc.

Since the beginning of the 21st century projects supported by JEMA includes the education of MDs specialising in endometriosis on the effectiveness of the oral contraceptive pill treatment, and informing patients or society about these options via its newsletter and website.

Since its introduction in September 1999, as a viable treatment for endometriosis, the use of the low dose contraceptive pills.

About JEMA

The Japan Endometriosis Association (JEMA) was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1994 by Masumi Inui, who has been its representative since its creation.

JEMA is a non-profit organisation dedicated to educating, supporting and advocating for women with endometriosis. It collaborates with women with endometriosis, health professionals, medical corporations, health governmental organisations, various NPOs, endometriosis support groups around the world, and mass medias.

JEMA advocates and achieves many goals on behalf of thenwellbeing for women with endometriosis at the national levels.

It abolished membership dues at the end of 2003, and is now supported by donations (contributors are called “supporter”). The number of supporters are about 1000.


The Japan Endometriosis Association (JEMA) is a national organisation dedicated to supporting women with endometriosis and questing women’s health for women’s lifelong wellness (especially endometriosis).

Main Purpose

JEMA provides a wide range of services designed to help people gather information on medical treatments, other options, tips for coping with disease, legal and insurance issues, and other endometriosis concerns.

JEMA supports self-help of women with endometriosis.

JEMA educates the public (including health professionals and families) about endometriosis, and JEMA’s services focus on increasing awareness of the medical and social issues around endometriosis.

JEMA aims to quest women’s health for women’s lifelong wellness (especially endometriosis).


  1. WEB Site
    a) Accurate, useful information on diseases and therapies
    b) Message boards (for supporters and those with endometriosis)
    c) Mail magazine
  2. Medical advise by phone
  3. Books: “Endometriosis Book Guards You” written by Masumi Inui
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