Endometriosis Awareness 2015

Endometriosis Awareness takes place across the globe during the month of March with a mission to raise awareness of a disease which affects an estimated 176 million women worldwide.

Endometriosis can have a devastating effect on quality of life due to its very painful symptoms; it is the biggest cause of infertility in women, and carries a huge personal and societal cost!

It is time to raise awareness of a disease that affects women – and their families – in their most (re)productive years!

Here’s what’s happening around the globe (so far!) to raise awareness in 2015:


6 March 2015

Public address at 18.00 by members of the board of Sociedad Argentina de Endometriosis at Universidad Maimónides, Hidalgo 775, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. The event is free of charge and everyone interested or affected by endometriosis is welcome.

25 – 28 March 2015

As part of the Congreso Argentino de Cirugía Ginecológica in Cordoba, there will be a series of specific sessions on endometriosis, including the pre-congress course on 25 March as well as live surgery on the 28th.  More info… 

28 March 2015

World March on Endometriosis at Rosedal Garden, Palermo, Buenos Aires from 10.00 to 13.00. This event is organised by local patients’ groups and sponsored by the Sociedad Argentina de Endometriosis.


16 May 2015

The 1st EndoActive National Endometriosis Congress takes place in Sydney to inform consumers of current trends in the treatment of endometriosis, update medical practitioners and health professionals about the disease, and report on current research.  More info… 


7 March (Calgary) | 14 March (Edmonton) | 21 March (Edmonton) | 28 March (Toronto) | 28 March (Edmonton

Endometriosis Network Canada have organised several events across Canada in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatoon. They are also hosting two global, online, events. More info…


7 – 8 March 2015

Endometriose Foreningen will be present for the entire weekend of Sjællandsbasaren (10.00 – 16.00) in Næstved, where they will be raising awareness of endometriosis and sharing materials.

More info…

28 March 2015

Million Woman March 2015
A group of volunteers are organising the 2nd march for endometriosis in Denmark, this time to be held in Aarhus at 14.30 -16.00. There will also be a debate with the theme of “early diagnosis”. More info… 

18 May 2015

This year’s annual Ladywalk takes place in 11 cities in Denmark, with 1/3 of the proceeds donated to the Danish Endometriosis Society (Endometriose Foreningen) — the other beneficiaries are the Danish Heart Foundation, and the Colitis-Crohn Foundation.
More info… 



Throughout March

During the Endometriosis Awareness Week and throughout March, EndoFrance will host in several French towns lectures dealing with: – understanding of endometriosis – medical and surgical treatment of endometriosis – treatment of pain – report of Sao Paulo World Congress – infertility.
Meeting schedule… 


6 – 7 March 2015 in Bad Schwartau

Endometriose – besser verstehen und Lebensqualität erhalten
Eingeladen sind betroffene Frauen, ihre Partner/Partnerinnen und Interessierte. In Vorträgen gibt es Informationen zur Erkrankung, zu Behandlungsmöglichkeiten und zum Thema TCM. Workshops bieten konkrete Erfahrungsmöglichkeiten zu Bewegung, Entspannung und Schmerzbewältigung. Informationen unter…


21 March 2015

Annual Information Day
The Endometriosis Association of Ireland is holding its annual information in Dublin at the Lucan Spa Hotel. Guest speakers include Heather Guidone, Dr Mo’iad Alazzam, Dr John Kennedy, and more!
More info… 


1 – 8 March 2015

APE’s nationwide events
Associazione Progetto Endometriosi Onlus (APE) is organising several events taking places in different Italian regions during endometriosis awareness week. For a complete list of the events please check out their website.
More info… 

7 March 2015

Free consultations
The Italian Association of Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Onlus (Ændo) is promoting free visits with the specialist of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milano from 09.00 – 14.00 in the Unit of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.  More info…

10th anniversary conference of APE
Associazione Progetto Endometriosi Onlus (APE) will celebrate their 10th anniversay with a Conference in Carrara (08.30-17.00) with more than 30 leading experts of the specialised public centres, which have been at their side in these 10 years, helping, supporting, and making APE grow.
More info…

28 March 2015

Team Italy will march for endometriosis in Rome, meeting at Piazza del Popolo at 12.30 CET.
More info… 

New Zealand

20 March (Blenheim) | 21 March (Nelson) | 23 March (Palmerston North) | 25 March (Christchurch) | 30 March (Auckland)

The ENZ March for endometriosis 2015 campaign includes media articles and organising 5 public events titled have fun, learn some, be well throughout New Zealand.

The biggest MARCH will be the action ENZ is taking together with New Zealand Government to ensure endometriosis is recognised as a major public health issue. This continues on from the THINK TANK meeting last year.  More info…


21 March 2015

Asociacon Endometriosis Panama, will be speaking at a fertility clinic, distribute flyers in shopping centres, and march on the 21st at 4.00pm at Cinta Costera (Gazebo no 2) to launch the association. More info… 


7 March 2015

1st National Congress on Endometriosis (CNE2015)
MulherEndo (the Portuguese Endometriosis Society) is hosting the first ever national meeting on endometriosis in Leiria. It is aimed at physicians and nurses to learn more about this persistent disease.
More info…

Puerto Rico

27 March 2015

Yellow Day
We ask all who want to support this cause to dress in yellow all day, wherever they are, and to post pictures in social media using the hashtag #YellowDay and #DiaAmarillo. More info…

28 March 2015

Educational and awareness day
The 2015 Endometriosis Educational and Awareness program organised by the Fundacion Puertorriqueña de Pacientes con Endometriosis consists of an educational event that will take place at the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico . This workshop consists of activities designed to teach women with endometriosis new alternatives for the management of their symptoms and their emotional impact. More info…


28 March 2015

Endometriosis Catalunya is organising a flashmob in Barcelona.

Everyone are invited to meet in La Placa de la Catedral at 17.00 on Saturday 28 March.

More info…


13 March 2015

Awareness event
Endometrioseforum Sweden is hosting an event in Stockholm for raising awareness. Gathering at 18.00 at Mynttorget, there will be politicians who are going to speak about their visions about endometriosis care.
More info…


16 – 27 March 2015

​Association Suisse de Soutien Contre l’Endométriose is organising an information stand at the Maternity Hospital in Geneva from 16 – 27 March 2015. Women with endometriosis and the general public can pass by to ask questions and obtain information leaflets. More info…

United Kingdom

2 – 9 March 2015

Helpline open all week
Endometriosis UK understands how important it can be to just have someone to talk to. During Awareness Week, their helpline will be open most days. You can check the opening hours here.

2 March 2015

Online support group meeting
Endometriosis UK Online Support Groups provide an opportunity for women who are unable to attend a group session to come together and talk about endometriosis. We will be holding a meeting on Monday 2 March from 20.00. Register here…

3 March 2015

Clinical nurse specialists in endometriosis and endometriosis factsheet
The Royal College of Nursing in London is pleased to announce the launch of two documents, which will help to increase awareness of this illness, and facilitate the development of the role of the Clinical Nurse Specialists in endometriosis. The RCN Women’s Health Forum, in collaboration with key stakeholders including Endometriosis UK, have developed guidance on a skill set for the Clinical Nurse Specialists in Endometriosis. It is hoped that this standard will provide a clear direction for commissioners and managers when creating roles to support best practice in local service delivery and create some parity across the UK, as well as strengthen the role of the nurse specialist and enhance quality care for women. They have also produced an endometriosis factsheet, which will provide an overview of the key issues in diagnosis and management of endometriosis. The information sheet will provide easy access to referenced guidance which will be available online to enhance practice, especially for nurses who do not work directly within women’s health. More info…

7 March 2015

The Primrose Ball
This black-tie event in Leeds, featuring a 3-course dinner, prize draw, guest speaker, and entertainment, will benefit Endometriosis UK.
More info…

28 March 2015

WorldWide Endo March
Endometriosis UK is supporting this march through the streets of London to raise awareness of endometriosis.  Meet at 12.00 (noon) in Central London – More info… 


21 March 2015

2nd Annual Bowties and Pearls
A bourbon cocktail party for endometriosis awareness in the Louisville (Kentucky) metropolitan area with 100% of event sales, which will feature hors’doeuvres and bourbon tastings, to benefit the Endometriosis Research Center. More info…

11 – 13 April 2015

6th Annual Awareness Day and Medical Conference by the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA)
EFA’s New York City conference has  a fabulous line-up of experts in endometriosis to address the roots (and potential solutions) of endometriosis – with 11th of April set aside for an interactive workshop for women with endometriosis and their loved ones. More info…

13 April 2015

Seventh Annual Blossom Ball
A gala evening celebrating the work of the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) at Cipriani in New York City.
More info… 

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