Carol Pearson is runner up in Guardian Trustee of the Year 2014 Awards

Carol Pearson, trustee and treasurer at Endometriosis UK, has come second in the Guardian’s Trustee of the Year Awards, 2014 – a very close “competition” determined by a difference of only 20 votes out of 6254.

Endometriosis UK Trustee and Treasurer, Carol Pearson

Voting took place during Trustees’ Week 10-16 November 2014, and the results were announced today on The Guardian’s website.

Although Carol is an endometriosis sufferer herself, she gives so much to Endometriosis UK that the service couldn’t be provided without her.

Carol is an advocate for sufferers who struggle with benefit and employment issues and her campaigning for patient involvement and voice has shaped the charity.

She has become a superb speaker for Endometriosis UK and gave a moving and informative TED Talk to raise awareness of endometriosis earlier this year at TEDxBrighton.

Carol said:

I am incredibly proud of all that we at Endometriosis UK do – of every volunteer, of our staff and collectively of the team. So incredibly proud and honoured.

Congratulations to Carol for being nominated, and a heartfelt thank-you to her for all that she does to support women with endometriosis!

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