African Infertility Alliance is launched

23 January 2007

Ugandan based JOYCE FERTILITY has launched the African Infertility Alliance (AIA) bringing together the countries of Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Israel to share issues concerning infertility in their respective countries.


An initiative of iCSi International Patient Leader Community, the AIA is the result of the tremendous efforts by Rita Sembuya of JOYCE Fertility, who met with fertility organisations in Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Israel to realise the vision of a supportive alliance for women suffering from inferrtility.

So far the efforts of JOYCE Fertility and the AIA has resulted in the first African scientific conference on endometriosis in March 2006 to bring scientists together to share findings and challenges on Endometriosis.

The AIA has developed its first awareness brochure and the International Consumer Support for Infertility (iCSi) has supported this educational program with an educational grant to print 2000 brochures.

The AIA hopes that women in Africa will become inspired by its efforts to promote education and awareness in this region, and they welcome women with endometriosis and/or infertility to be part of this important initiative.

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