Italian Health Ministry launches national endometriosis information campaign

18 FEBRUARY 2009

The Italian health ministry has taken its first step to fullfil one of the goals from their five year plan for endometriosis.

Today it launches the first national campaign to raise awareness of endometriosis in collaboration with the Associazione Italiana Endometriosi, which has worked closely with the ministry and senate to make this happen.

Italian Health Ministry brochureWHAT I DON’T KNOW ABOUT MYSELF is a health ministry funded campaign, which includes announcements on TV, radio, and even in cinemas!

After 10 years of hard work, the Associazione Italiana Endometriosi can be extremely proud to be able announce that yet another mile stone has been reached for women with endometriosis in Italy!

We have been lobbying the various governmental departments for a national campaign to raise awareness for years and today for us a dream has come true: the Italian Health Ministry has launched the campaign called, “what I don’t know about myself” which raises all those ‘not-talked-about’ issues, which may lead to a diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis. This campaign will aid girls and women to become familiar with endometriosis and we hope they will no longer have to endure an average eight year diagnostic delay through lack of knowledge about what is normal and what is not.

said Jacqueline Veit, President of the AIE.

In addition to TV, radio and cinematic adverts, the health ministry has developed an informative brochure, through which women are encouraged to call a toll free number for more information.

quellochenonsodime» Quellochenonsodime Brochure

» Watch the adverts

» More information about the campaign

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