Self-help books

An extensive library of books about endometriosis and infertility, which aims to educate women about the disease, suggest how to make decisions about treatments, and which provide guidance about how to learn to live and cope with endometriosis.

Book cover for I want to have a child I want to have a child: whatever it takes
3 July 2005

“I want to have a child: whatever it takes” is a beautiful book of paintings, which tell Carmen Martinez Jover’s tireless struggle against infertility -and how she became a mother!

Cover of the video: Endometriosis the inside story Endometriosis: the inside story
9 February 2005

“Endometriosis: the inside story” by Belle Browne is a documentary created by two women with endometriosis to show other women what they can expect when they get endometriosis.

Book cover for the EA's latest book Endometriosis: the complete reference for taking charge of your health
25 October 2003

“Endometriosis: the complete reference for taking charge of your health” is the third book by Mary Lou Ballweg and the Endometriosis Association, and continues their tradition of compiling previously published articles into a book volume.

Living well with endometriosis
25 September 2003

“Living well with endometriosis” by Kerry-Ann Morris is a compilation of stories from hundreds of women who have contributed with their perspectives on endometriosis and provides a holistic view of how to cope with the disease, including its psychological aspects.

Book cover of The Endometriosis Sourcebook The endometriosis sourcebook
25 September 1995

“The Endometriosis Sourcebook” by Mary Lou Ballweg and the Endometriosis Association (EA) contains almost 500 pages of basic information for women with endometriosis, mainly previously published in the EA’s newsletters.

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