What to do when the doctor says it’s endometriosis

by tom lyons (MD) and cheryl kimball

What to do when the doctor says it’s endometriosis provides easy to understand advice on easing the pain of endometriosis.

Book cover for What to do when the doctor says it's endometriosis

Thomas Lyons MD, a well-known surgeon in the field of endometriosis, has worked with Cheryl Kimball, a freelance writer, to write a book about endometriosis and how it responds to a variety of medications and procedures.

The aim of the book is to help those with endometriosis in making wise and informed decisions about their treatments.

In the book you will learn more about:

  • How to assemble a health care team that is on your side and will help you achieve the medical results that you want.
  • The latest research on surgery and infertility treatments in order to make informed, educated decisions about the advice and care you receive.
  • The truth about endometriosis and its impact on fertility.
  • Alternative treatments that can alleviate pain and calm symptoms.

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