I want to have a child: whatever it takes

by carmen martinez jover

I want to have a child: whatever it takes is a beautiful book of paintings, which tells Carmen’s tireless struggle against infertility – and how she became a mother!

Book cover for I want to have a childIn a clear and sincere way, Carmen presents her autobiography of infertility.

After a long struggle with doctors and syringes, the author decides to paint chairs as a way of relief; chairs that express each one of her longings, each moment of sadnes, each situation of powerlessness, as well as that of sharing with her partner the frustrations which infertility brings to a partnership.

She concludes with a beautiful lesson in which she demonstrates that there is always a future and a reason “why” even if in the beginning we cannot find the answer(s).

Reading the book you will feel how the author drops into emotional free fall until she hits the bottom, and then, like a new person, lifts herself up, greater and stronger spiritually, transforming a nightmare into her present day of strength and motivation.

As you read the book you perceive two different persons: one before and one after, separated by infertility.

This book is simple, beautiful and enriching!

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