Partners and family

This section has been created for partners and families of women who have endometriosis. Our intention is to help those who love and care for a woman with endometriosis to understand this disease better – because that special woman in your life needs your support!

The best advice we can give anyone is to support your woman!

Endometriosis not only affects relationships, but it affects her family, school, job, and life in general.

Being powerless

The worst part may be when she is in pain there is absolutely nothing you can do. Just holding her in your arms may be the best solution, but the pain cannot be stopped during the time it takes its course.

This is a time to talk. You have to communicate because if you do not then the partner could stray away and feel that he or she is not loved. Communication helps the partners and family understand that this is not fake: the pain is real and has to be taken care of in the best way possible.

There is no cure for this disease, so as a partner or family member, just be there to support this woman who goes through so much pain and suffering!

Helpful resources

The following articles and resources may be helpful:

Do share these articles with your partner, your families, colleagues, and friends. They will help explain the impact of the disease, and are helpful in communicating what it’s like to have endometriosis – for the woman who has it, and for those who care for her!

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