The UNHysterectomy

Holly Bridges, with a foreword by Sony S Singh MD

Every year 700,000 North American women, and hundreds of thousands others worldwide, have a hysterectomy – often out of sheer desperation because of heavy bleeding, painful periods, fibroids, and/or endometriosis.

Sixty to eighty percent of these hysterectomies are medically unnecessary!

In The UNHysterectomy Holly Bridges provides a powerful step-by-step guide for women seeking relief – and wanting to avoid the drastic step of a hysterectomy.

She shares her own story and how, by doing her homework and seeking out specialists, she avoided having a hysterectomy at way too young an age.


In this well-researched book you will learn more about:

  • heavy bleeding and endometriosis
  • what a hysterectomy is
  • long-term risks associated with hysterectomy
  • minimally invasive alternatives to hysterectomy, including surgery and medical treatment

In his foreword Dr Singh admits the medical community has been ignoring the common problem of heavy menstrual bleeding and painful periods. He believes that through the efforts of Holly Bridges the risk of early hysterectomy will lead to a nationwide discussion empowering patients and holding physicians accountable.

As pointed out in this book: endometriosis can in many cases be treated surgically (by specialist surgeons) and hysterectomy should only ever be considered as a last resort.

Whilst the resources section of the book is geared towards those living in Canada The UNHysterectomy is a good tool to help you seek alternatives to hysterectomy; and it provides the arguments for hanging on to your reproductive organs for as long as you can!


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