Explaining endometriosis

by lorraine henderson and ros wood

This  is the first true book that was been written so that women with endometriosis could have clear and accurate information about endometriosis and its treatments.

Book cover for Explaining endometriosis

First published in 1991, this second edition keeps its focus and provides comprehensive, but easy-to-understand, information that will enable women to make well-informed decisions about the management of their endometriosis.

Lorraine and Ros, co-founders of the first endometriosis support group in Australia in 1984, explain the nature of endometriosis, diagnosis and treatments available. The complementary therapies chapter includes self-help measures.

Much emphasis has been placed on discussing the emotional aspects of living with (chronic) endometriosis, and there is also a chapter for teenagers dedicated to living with endometriosis based on the stories of five young women with endometriosis.

Another chapter focuses on how to support sufferers, and has been written for partners, families and friends to give them guidance about the feelings and needs of women with endometriosis. A feature of the chapter is a section on painful intercourse.

Having a condition like endometriosis, especially chronic or recurrent endometriosis, usually means having to visit GPs and gynaecologists frequently. The book gives women guidance about choosing their GPs and gynaecologists and what they can reasonably expect from them. It also suggests ways in which women with endometriosis can work with their GPs and gynaecologists to develop a partnership that respects and uses the expertise and experience of all parties and leads to the most effective and appropriate treatment.

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