Doctor are you listening?

by Masood Khatamee (MD) and Linda Perelman Pohl

Doctor, are you listening? is a book about a couple’s struggle to find the right infertility doctor. It describes Linda Pohl’s struggle with infertility, due to endometriosis, and the doctors she saw in pursuit of identifying and treating her problem.

Book cover for Doctor are you listeningThe book provides a humanistic, touching story of a couple longing to have a baby, and what they learnt: that the success and failure of each couple’s ability to conceive is often dependent on the doctor that they choose.

In her pursuit of treatment Linda realised that many of the physicians she saw represented themselves as “specialists” when, in reality, they were not. Linda “left the doctor’s office feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. My physician hadn’t really listened to what I was saying or explained things in terms I could understand. Had he ever desired anything as deeply as I longed to become pregnant? Was he even able to empathise with what I was experiencing?”

Linda wrote this book together with Dr Masood Khatamee to offer options and resources for those who are dealing with infertility along with multiple “ask the experts” sections, including a chart that details specific steps to tell if your doctor is listening to you. The authors hope this book will empower women to seek and find the right doctor, no matter what type of infertility problem they have. The book covers:

  • What basic infertility tests should be performed to pinpoint your problem?
  • What are some warning signs that your doctor may not be the best one to help you?
  • How can you find a board certified infertility doctor?
  • How can you empower yourself to get the most from your doctor’s appointment?
  • What options, recources and support are available to help infertile couples
  • What can you do to prevent infertility and preserve and restore ferility?


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