Endometriosis.org receives 2007 Customer Service Innovation Award

22 FEBRUARY 2008

Endometriosis.org has been awarded the 2007 Customer Service Innovation Award for its contribution to the field of endometriosis.

Endometriosis.org has been recognised for the way in which it has leveraged its web-site to not only deliver the latest clinical and scientific information, but also to provide a platform for linking all the stakeholders in the field of endometriosis.

Picture of Lone Hummelshoj and Dr Keith Schlagbauer
Lone Hummelshoj receives the award from Frost & Sullivan’s Head of Healthcare Practice, Dr Keith Schlagbauer

Frost & Sullivan, who presented the award to Lone Hummelshoj (Publisher and Editor-in-chief) at a banquet yesterday, acknowledges the outstanding work of Endometriosis.org in increasing awareness levels, giving priority to endometriosis, and empowering sufferers to participate fully in making decisions about their treatment options.

Paljit Sohal, Frost & Sullivan Programme Leader, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Healthcare said:

The Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Service Innovation is presented each year to the organisation that has demonstrated excellence in customer service innovation within the industry. The recipient company will have developed and significantly affected the end-user services systems that set unprecedented standards for end-user interaction, timely response, and attention to end-user needs.

Endometriosis.org effectively and efficiently responds to the needs of the end users in the field of endometriosis. Furthermore, through Lone Hummelshoj, it has become the ‘voice of the end-user’ at international conferences and seminars in the field of gynaecology by highlighting the patients’ perspectives of endometriosis and their health care needs.

Lone Hummelshoj responded:

Everyone at Endometriosis.org is thrilled and grateful for this award. By emphasising the work of Endometriosis.org, Frost & Sullivan recognises the importance of endometriosis as a major women’s health care problem, which needs to be acknowledged as a disease that can have a profound effect on quality of life and fertility, as well as a significant personal and socio-economic impact.

Our vision is a future in which millions of women are not prevented from fulfilling their dreams of completing their education, maintaining a career and having children because of a disease, which could be prevented if only adequate funding for research was available.

Our goal is that the next generation of women will not be at risk of having their lives compromised by endometriosis.

Our hope is that this award will contribute to a recognition by all stake holders that we need to work together to beat this devastating disease.

There are approximately 176 million women worldwide with endometriosis. However, only a small fraction seeks medical care because there is so little public awareness of endometriosis. This lack of awareness is one of the major challenges facing stake holders in the endometriosis therapy market.

By bestowing its 2007 Customer Service Innovation Award to Endometriosis.org, Frost & Sullivan highlight the organisation’s work as a global forum for all stakeholders in this market, including patients, physicians, scientists, government agencies, manufacturers, insurance companies, etc. According to Ms Sohal:

The model followed by Endometriosis.org in increasing awareness levels, with awareness being the key for the growth of this market, and giving priority to endometriosis has been very innovative and effective.

Lone Hummelshoj paid tribute to her team:

Endometriosis.org is a team effort, with a shared a vision to empower women with endometriosis through information and knowledge to enable them to make informed choices about their treatments.

We provide up-to-date news for all stake holders in the field – because we need to stay connected! At the core of the team is Ros Wood, a writer who has that amazing knack of transforming a scientific article so that everyone can understand it; Brendan Booth, web-master extraordinaire; freelance writers Eddie Ma and Ellen Johnson (the latter deceased in November 2007); and director of media services, Mette Sandemann. Internationally acknowledged specialists in the field of endometriosis complete the team by peer reviewing what we publish to ensure that it is evidence based.

About Endometriosis.org

Endometriosis.org is a web-based organisation founded in March 2005 by Lone Hummelshoj. The web-site, which now has more than 3,500 visitors a day, has significantly increased the educated decision making of those suffering from endometriosis.  Endometriosis.org provides in-depth and peer-reviewed scientific information about endometriosis. It has also played a pivotal role in linking national endometriosis support organisations to provide a global voice for women with the disease.

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