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Where there are results: there’s a team!  And, it is no different at This website, with its factual and up to date information about endometriosis, has been created by a dedicated team – supported by a strong peer review board – who continue to keep the site’s information current and factual!

Lone Hummelshoj

Photo of Lone HummelshojPublisher/Editor-in-chief

Lone created in February 2005 and, with a great team, has turned it into a global forum for news and information. She is well known as an advocate in the field of endometriosis, in particular for her work in getting the disease recognised in the European Parliament and European Commission. Lone co-founded the Danish Endometriosis Society in 1997, chaired it for seven years, and was instrumental in the implementation of the first ever national legislation, which provides referral guidelines to specialist centres for the treatment of endometriosis. She is an active member of the ESHRE, ASRM, and AAGL Special Interest Groups on Endometriosis; a co-founder of the World Endometriosis Research Foundation (WERF); and acted as chief executive for the World Endometriosis Society for sixteen years (2006-2021). Lone speaks at medical conferences around the world, is regularly utilised as a chair, facilitator, and creator of congress scientific programmes, and has published extensively on the impact of endometriosis (with an H-index of 34).

Heather Guidone

Associate Editor

Heather is the Center for Endometriosis Care’s surgical programme director and a women’s health educator with a focus on endometriosis and pelvic pain. She is also a nationally certified clinical wellness coach (CWC), trained in application of the trans-theoretical model to health education. She serves as an executive board member of the Endometriosis Research Center and as a consultant to a number of laparoendoscopic, biomedical communications, media, industry, and patient organisations. A frequent speaker and medical writer, who has authored countless CME and additional materials on endometriosis and women’s reproductive health, Heather is a member of the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare; American Society of Reproductive Medicine; the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors; the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals; AAGL and many other societies dedicated to advancing endometriosis, women’s reproductive healthcare, and minimally invasive gynaecologic surgery.

Ros Wood

Associate Editor Emeritus

Ros has that amazing knack of writing a technical article so that we can all understand it. An endometriosis-sufferer herself, she co-founded the Endometriosis Association (Victoria) in 1984 and co-wrote Explaining Endometriosis. Ros’ passion has always been to research endometriosis from a consumer’s point of view, and then provide evidence based, yet easy-to-understand, information to aid women in making informed decisions about the management of their disease. Ros would rather be bi-cycling around Europe, but has committed herself to fight the endometriosis treatment approach from short-term crisis management to long-term control and stability through individual treatment plans.

Ros is a professional health writer who resides in Australia.

Ellen Johnson

Freelance writer (deceased)

When Ellen saw a need, she filled it by writing. When she had to endure a “bowel prep” the night before her first endometriosis surgery without a clue or a single baby wipe, she knew she had to give other women tips for getting through it more easily! She continued to provide this website with articles on almost every single aspect of “coping with endometriosis”.  Ellen’s theory about getting through health challenges was: put one foot in front of the other, take it one day at a time, choose hope above all other alternatives, and pray. She contributed extensively to this website with her useful and humorous advice.

Ellen died from cancer on 11 November 2007 – Remembrance Sunday. She is sorely missed in the endometriosis community, but her wise words remain to guide us on this very website.

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