FIGO2015: FIGO Fertility Tool Box now available online

The FIGO Fertility Tool Box™, originally launched at FIGO in 2012, was re-introduced at FIGO2015 with the launch of its own website – all you need is a smart phone to use it.

The Fertility Tool offers all levels of health care providers—from primary care providers to reproductive specialists—a “usable” instrument to address fertility issues.

However it is also meant to be a “how to” guide for anyone who wants to help someone with infertility, from the infertile person to their family and friends to policy makers.

The Tool Box is set up as a pyramid, with seven tools to help tackle the disease and manage all aspects of infertility. From the bottom of the pyramid to the top, they are:

  • Why care about infertility? (The Infertility Daisy)
  • How to overcome personal barriers
  • How to overcome social barriers
  • How to diagnose
  • How to treat
  • How refer/resolve
  • How to prevent

Each of the seven main tools (with the exception of Tool #1) is also split into a pyramid that lists a number of actions.

How to use the Fertility Tool Box

Dr David Adamson, past chair of the FIGO Committee for Reproductive Medicine

Said Dr David Adamson, past chair of the FIGO Committee for Reproductive Medicine,

The easiest actions are at the bottom, with the actions getting more complicated, or resource intensive, as you go higher up the pyramid.

The lowest-level actions can be used anywhere in world, as they require little to no resources—all you need is a mobile phone.

The Tool Box, which is the culmination of six years of hard work by the Committee, is available in print or electronically at It has a blog and can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

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