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Coping with endometriosis
27 March 2011

Coping with endometriosis can be difficult for a woman, but it also affects her family/partner, and is frustrating for the doctor who cannot “heal”. Learning to cope with endometriosis starts with this article.

EFA2011: Let’s talk about sex and endometriosis
20 March 2011

Highlignhts from the 2nd annual meeting of the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) featuring endometriosis experts from around the world; David Redwine, Caroline Gargett, Harry Reich, Asgi Fazleabas, Victor Gomel, a.o.

Picture of Susan Sarandon EFA2011: Susan Sarandon speaks up about endometriosis
19 March 2011

Susan Sarandon spoke up about endometriosis at EFA’s Blossom Ball. It is not a woman’s lot in life to suffer pain from endometriosis, or to miss part of your life because of it. She encouraged everyone to spread the word!

EFA2011: Endometriosis pioneers honoured at 3rd EFA Blossom Ball for Endometriosis
18 March 2011

Endometrial stem cell researcher Caroline Gargett and laparoscopic surgery pioneer David Redwine were honoured at the 3rd Endometriosis Blossom Ball for their contribution to the field of endometriosis.

World Endometriosis Society launches first ever film to raise awareness of endometriosis
11 March 2011

Vice-president of the European Parliament urges women to take action if they have symptoms suggestive of endometriosis, as World Endometriosis Society launches first ever awareness film about the disease.

Logo for Endometriosis Awareness 2011 Awareness 2011
11 March 2011

Schedule of events for Endometriosis Awareness Week in Europe, Africa, Australasia and South America for 7 – 13 March 2011, and in the United States for the entire month of March. Women with endometriosis raise awareness of the disease locally, regionally, and nationally.

Picture of Deborah Bush Deborah Bush receives ‘International Women’s Day Outstanding Service Award’
9 March 2011

Endometriosis New Zealand CEO and co-founder, Deborah Bush, receives “International Women’s Day Outstanding Service Award” on the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.

Post surgery ailments
28 February 2011

A practical guide to ailments after endometriosis surgery/laparoscopy and tips on how to manage these.

GNRH2011: 50 years of the human clinical use of gonadotrophins
20 February 2011

Bruno Lunenfeld talks about 50 years of gonadotrophins in infertility and how work in implantation could influence progress in endometriosis.

ASRM 2010 Managing symptomatic endometriosis
18 February 2011

Linda Giudice, Marc Laufer and Eric Surrey provide an update of the management of symptomatic endometriosis. Full supporting articles and webcasts.

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