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Book cover for Doctor are you listening Doctor are you listening?
31 March 2009

“Doctor are you listening?”, by Linda Pohl and Masood Khatamee, provides a humanistic, touching story of a couple longing to have a baby, and what they learnt: that the success and failure of each couple’s ability to conceive is often dependent on the doctor that they choose.

Scientists call for greater transparency in registered trials
5 March 2009

5 MARCH 2009 Human Reproduction has today published an article in which leading endometriosis researchers call for investigators to disclose clinical trial data to the public within 12 months of a trial’s completion. According to the authors, such disclosure is the only moral and ethical thing to do – but they also argue that this […]

quellochenonsodime Italian Health Ministry launches national endometriosis information campaign
18 February 2009

The Italian Health Ministry launches the first national campaign to raise awareness of endometriosis in collaboration with the Associazione Italiana Endometriosi.

Brasilian Society of Endometriosis targets women in the workplace
9 February 2009

The Brazilian Society of Endometriosis (SBE) launches its third awareness campaign with the objective of providing information to the general public on endometriosis.

Picture of Diana Wallis Vice-president of the European Parliament to run London Marathon for endometriosis research
5 February 2009

Diana Wallis MEP will be running the London Marathon on 26 April 2009 to raise funds for the World Endometriosis Research Foundation (WERF).

Logo from Associazione Italiana Endometriosi Onlus (AIE) The Associazione Italiana Endometriosi launches its first helpline
14 January 2009

As part of the celebrations for its 10th anniversary Associazione Italiana Endometriosi (AIE) expands its services by launching a new free helpline offering information and advice to callers.

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