Deborah Bush has been honoured as Paul Newman “unsung hero”


Endometriosis New Zeland Chief Executive, Deborah Bush, has been honoured as a Paul Newman “unsung hero”. Newman’s Own Foundation has granted Endometriosis New Zealand (ENZ) $10,000 towards its adolescent endometriosis programme, Me.

Picture of Deborah Bush
ENZ co-founder and chief executive, Deborah Bush

Deborah Bush is well known in the global endometriosis community for her work with adolescents and her menstrual education programme, Me, which is contributing to a reduction in delay to diagnosis in New Zealand. The diagnostic delay of endometriosis can be up to 11 years in some healthcare settings. Results from the me programme show an increase in young women being diagnosed, treated appropriately and managed well.

Deborah Bush said the grant would go towards developing a new “funky and interactive” teen website for adolescents with endometriosis. The website is due for launch very soon and should be a wonderful resource for young women, their parents and health professionals the world over.

Getting this recognition for her tireless work is well deserved indeed! She was delighted but not surprised to get the award.

What surprises me is that endometriosis is not taken more notice of. iIt’s such a prevalent condition, affecting tens of thousands of New Zealand women and girls. A drive for the New Zealand government to acknowledge endometriosis and the work of ENZ is currently underway.

said Bush.

Deborah Bush co-founded Endometriosis New Zealand 23 years ago in Palmerston North, and now acts as its chief executive. ENZ is the national organisation now based in Christchurch. ENZ receives no government funding, relying solely on charitable grants.

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