Well-being in couples undergoing fertility treatments

Our research team from the department of psychology of the University of Montreal is currently conducting a study that examines how couples seeking fertility treatments adapt to the stress related to infertility.

endometriosis-couples-relationshipsWe are especially interested in individual and interpersonal factors related to psychological, couple, and sexual adaptation in couples undergoing fertility treatments.

More specifically, we hope to better understand how partners manage to support each other through this experience.

Results of this study will help improve our understanding of factors related to couple well-being in the context of infertility, and will inform the development of interventions for couples who may present with more difficulties in such context.

How to participate in this study

In summary, participation in this study requires that couples undergoing fertility treatments complete three online surveys (approx. 45 minutes) over a period of 6 months. A detailed letter and consent form are included in the online survey.

Participation in the study is completely voluntary, and confidentiality of data is ensured.

In appreciation for the time dedicated to this study, participants will be offered an amazon gift card of $20 per couple (for a total of $60 per couple for the completion of all three time points). 

To participate in the study, couples must meet the following criteria:

  • Heterosexual couples must be involved in fertility treatments.
  • Partners must be aged 18 and over.
  • We ask that both partners in the couple participate.
  • The couple must have a primary infertility, which means that both partners must not have conceived children in the past.

Couples who do not meet these criteria will then be excluded.

How to participate in the trial

Couples, who are interested in the study, may contact our research team (Virginie Arpin, Research Coordinator of the research project) by email (info@coupleresearch.ca).

We will send you the complete information about the study and the link to the online survey. You can also access the online survey through our website to see if you are eligible.

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