Ladies in lavender seek support for endometriosis campaign in Brussels corridors

25 MAY 2005

Liberal Democrat Euro MP Diana Wallis and MEP colleagues Catherine Stihler (Labour, Scotland) and Pia-Noora Kauppi (Conservative, Finland) wore lavender T-shirts in the European Parliament today as part of the campaign to raise awareness on the disease endometriosis.

Picture of Diana Wallis and Catherine Stihler
Diana Wallis MEP and Catherine Stihler MEP

Diana Wallis MEP said:

Raising awareness of this disease is essential as endometriosis affects at least 16 million women and girls in the EU.

The campaign is aimed at MEPs in the Parliament to sign the Written Declaration 13/2005 on Endometriosis.

Endometriosis costs EU economies an estimated €30 billion a year just in days taken off work due to illness. Yet due to lack of awareness both in the medical professions and amongst the general public, sufferers face an average wait of nine years from showing symptoms to being diagnosed,

said Wallis.

Picture of Diana Wallis and Deborah Newton-Cook
Diana Wallis MEP and Deborah Newton-Cook campaigning

If half of the 732 MEPs in the European Parliament sign the Declaration before the cut-off date of 9 June 2005 that it will be adopted and be sent to the Council and the Commission for consideration as a priority matter.

Women with endometriosis: write to your MEP today to urge him/her to sign the declaration!

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