I did the London Marathon!

So I did it! I got round, but not within my goal of 5 hours as wished. Indeed just 2 minutes slower than the last time I did it (this time 5 hours 22). My excuse is it was very hot, but I survived the heat and felt fine, so maybe I should have tried harder. Anyway I am a couple of years older than last time. And there’s always a next time!

Diana Wallis MEP with her medal for having run the London Marathon

There is no getting away from it, the London Marathon is a marvellous occasion. The support from the crowds is tremendous and there were so many people this year. I cannot imagine standing for 6 hours or more to cheer and encourage people you do not even know, but people do. I especially love the ones that hand out jelly babies too, a couple of those saved me on route!

Then there were the few people who commented about the charity I was running for (World Endometriosis Research Foundation). Yet my overwhelming impression is that we have a long way to go for endometriosis, when you see the level of support for other disease related charities, some affecting so few people. It’s not that I begrudge them, but I do regret that somehow we never get the attention we should for endometriosis and that has to change!

On that note I had some good and moving comments to the video clip I posted last week and also the fund raising has now taken on a new, final, but encouraging lease of life. The site will remain open until 26 July for at least another month – so it is never too late if you want to donate towards endometriosis research: www.justgiving.com/dianawallisendowerf

Thank you everyone for your support!!


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