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Endometriosis in clinical practice
26 September 2005

“Endometriosis in clinical practice” edited by David Olive is a colour illustrated project bringing together 37 international experts to demonstrate what is known about endometriosis and the clinical implications for the woman suffering from the disease.

Book cover for Explaining endometriosis Explaining endometriosis
25 September 2005

“Explaining endometriosis”, by Ros Wood and Lorraine Henderson, is the first book written for women with endometriosis with clear and accurate information about endometriosis and its treatments, enabling women to make well-informed treatment decisions. It is an excellent tool for partners and family also.

Book cover for What to do when the doctor says it's endometriosis What to do when the doctor says it’s endometriosis
25 September 2005

“What to do when the doctor says it’s endometriosis”, by Tom Lyons MD, provides easy to understand advice on easing the pain of endometriosis and learning about the disease’s impact on fertility.

WCE2005: Best practice in endometriosis: when support groups and physicians work together
14 September 2005

Best practice in endometriosis includes specialist care (centres of excellence), self-help programmes, international awareness, support groups, and early diagnosis and treatment of symptoms (WCE2005).

Picture of Axel Forman WCE2005: Making centres of expertise happen
14 September 2005

Axel Forman explains how to lobby legislators and professional organisations effectively for the implementation of national guidelines for endometriosis and national centres of expertise at WCE2005

Picture of Samantha Falconer WCE2005: Self-management programmes
14 September 2005

Samantha Falconer explains how empowering women with endometriosis through self management programmes may help overcome symptoms and improve physician/patient interaction (WCE2005).

Picture of Deborah Bush WCE2005: Implementing specialised support programmes in hospitals
14 September 2005

Deborah Bush (Endometriosis New Zealand) presented on how Christchurch Women’s Hospital and ENZ through a patient partnering programme utilise ENZ expertise to provide support, information, and self-management strategies.

Picture of Janice Beaven WCE2005: They hear, but are they listening?
14 September 2005

Janice Beaven talks about improving communication between women with endometriosis and health care providers towards mutual understanding and joint initiatives (WCE2005).

Picture of Mary Lou Ballweg WCE2005: Patients and scientists: essential partners in breakthrough research
14 September 2005

Mary Lou Ballweg explains how support groups can drive research forward including how they have been instrumental in raising vital financing at the 9th World Congress of Endometriosis (WCE2005)

Picture of Diana Wallis Endometriosis is highlighted in the European Parliament
7 September 2005

Diana Wallis MEP today highlighted the plight of women with endometriosis as part of a report on gender discrimination in health systems, which was debated in the European Parliament.

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