A tiny itsy bitsy gift of life

by carmen martinez jover

A tiny itsy bitsy gift of life is a children’s book, which explains egg donation. This beautifully illustrated book is a tool for parents who wish to explain how children are conceived through egg donation.

Book cover foro A tiny itsy bitsy gift of life

The book enables parents to explain to their child its origin in an easy manner, through the story of a happy couple of rabbits, Pally and Comet, who have everything in life except a baby bunny.

You accompany them in their longing for this child, the waiting and the moment the mother is informed she has no eggs to conceive. One day a good lady rabbit brings her a tiny itsy bitsy gift of life, which is the egg –the half– she needs to conceive. The rabbit’s tummy then begins to grow and finally her baby bunny is born and the happiness of how this family is formed is shared.

The book is very colourful and ideal for children even before they can read, because the pictures are so full of details it easily captures the child’s attention. It is the intention that the book should be easy for parents to read to their child so that gradually, as the child grows, s/he will begin to understand his/her origins, in an easy and amusing manner.

This book is also available in Spanish!

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