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Dan Lebovic and Robert Taylor ASRM2010: EndoSIG puts endometriosis on the map
28 October 2010

The Endometriosis Special Interest Group of the ASRM ensured that endometriosis got optimal exposure at the 66th Annual Meeting of the ASRM in Denver in October 2010 (ASRM2010)

ASRM2010: Endometriosis Fertility Index (EFI) predicts likelihood of natural conception in women with endometriosis
27 October 2010

The endometriosis fertility index (EFI) uses the functional status of women’s fallopian tubes, ovaries, and fimbria, to predict chances of conceiving naturally with endometriosis.

ASRM2010: Lessons from a primate model
27 October 2010

Professor Fazleabas explains the viability of non-human primates as models to investigate mechanisms in endometriosis (infertility), including ability to conduct clinical studies to develop diagnostic methods and testing treatment efficacies.

ASRM2010: Does Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) work in endometriosis?
27 October 2010

Pamela Stratton and Caihong Ma evaluate the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the treatment of endometriosis. “Holistic individualisation” seems to be the key!

mistletoe ASRM2010: Hormonal therapy or mistletoe?
26 October 2010

ASRM2010: Simone Ferrero shows that a year of hormonal therapy shrinks endometriotic nodules. Dr Moon shows that mistletoe inhibits the growth of endometrial cells in culture; may hold promise as a possible future treatment for endometriosis.

Eline Dancet ASRM2010: EndoCare study wins prize
25 October 2010

The ASRM Nurses Professional Group today awarded a prize for the work of Eline Dancet in developing a reliable instrument to evaluate the patient-centredness of endometriosis care.

Picture of Professor Bullun ASRM2010: Targeting steroidogenesis in endometriosis
25 October 2010

Professor Serdar Bulun reviewed the importance of ovarian steroid hormones in the growth and maintenance of endometriotic lesions; focus on new drugs that normalise the retinoic acid pathway as future therapeutics in endometriosis.

ASRM 2010 ASRM2010: Is anything happening in endometriosis?
25 October 2010

A lot is happening in the field of endometriosis the 66th Annual Meeting of the ASRM dedicated a breakfast symposium to endometriosis, 2 key note lectures, interactive sessions, 9 oral presentations, and 27 posters.

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