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Endometriosis Awareness 2007
29 March 2007

Endometriosis support groups across the world come out with hard hitting campaigns to raise awareness of women who suffer daily from the impact of endometriosis.

European Parliament brings endometriosis stake holders together
28 March 2007

Legislators, physicians, and women with endometriosis from across Europe came together in the European Parliament today to raise awareness of the disease.

Statins show promise for relief of endometriosis
5 March 2007

5 March 2007 Canadian study shows that women suffering from endometriosis may benefit from statin treatment due to its inhibitory effect on angiogenesis. Robert Casper and his team, from the Toronto Centre for Advanced Reproductive Technology, set out to investigate the inhibitory effect of a statin on angiogenesis in a three-dimensional (3-D) culture of human […]

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