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Improved visualisation of endometriosis using a new spectral analysis autoflourescence laparoscopy system: a pilot study
15 November 2006

November 2006 First prize for technical achievement was awarded to Dr Steven Palter at the 62nd annual meeting of the ASRM for a new surgery technique that enables surgeons to see tumours and other pathologies invisible with previous methods. Illumination of certain tissues with specific light wavelengths results in autoflourescence of the tissue, which can […]

Endometriosis may be generated by mimicking the ontogenetic development of the female genital tract.
15 November 2006

November 2006 Researchers at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Frankfurt, Germany, suggest that endometriosis can arise through metaplasia The team set out to compare the expression of genes playing a decisive role during the embryonic development of the female genital tract (WNT4, WNT5A, WNT7A, PAX8) in the peritoneum of patients with endometriosis and control patients. An […]

New image and name for Endometriosis UK
15 November 2006

The National Endometriosis Society in the UK has changed its name to Endometriosis UK.

Effects of different stages of endometriosis on the outcome of in vitro fertilization
15 November 2006

November 2006 Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, suggest that the presence of endometriosis, including stages III and IV, does not affect IVF outcome. This study was retrospective, with matched case-controls, set in an academic tertiary referral centre. The study group consisted of 87 women with laparoscopically diagnosed endometriosis, and the control group consisted […]

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