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Resolutions for the New Year?
31 January 2011

Lone Hummelshoj asks what you will do in 2011 to make a difference for 176 million women with endometriosis? Will you get involved to provide support, donate to research, raise awareness, or suffer in silence?

How to survive a bowel preparation
15 January 2011

In many instances, a complete “bowel prep” the night before surgery is required for endometriosis surgery. This article contains ten tips for how to survive a bowel prep, and provides post-surgery advice.

Psychology and endometriosis
15 January 2011

by Vicki O’Donnell, psychologist Illustrations by Jane Berstein Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour. These two are closely linked, because what we think, feel and believe influences how we behave. Within the traditional “biomedical” approach to health and illness, psychology had a very small role to play. This approach viewed mind and body […]

Bowel symptoms
15 January 2011

by Ros Wood Bowel symptoms are a common but often unrecognised consequence of endometriosis, especially chronic and recurrent endometriosis. Nobody knows exactly what proportion of women with endometriosis have bowel symptoms; it could be five percent, thirty percent, or anywhere in between. However, we are fairly sure that a relatively large proportion of our members […]

Laparoscopy: before and after tips
15 January 2011

A comprehensive overview of laparoscopy, how to prepare for endometriosis surgery, and how to recover afterwards. Written by women, who have been there before!

Aromatase in endometriosis
15 January 2011

Aromatase inhibitors are an emerging treatment in women with endometriosis, who do not respond to current hormonal treatments to temper the disease. Professor Serdar Bulun explains how they work.

Endometriosis: be good to yourself
15 January 2011

Suggestions for women with endometriosis on how to be good to themselves: coping tips for eating right, resting, sleeping, and living with endometriosis.

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