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Picture of Adelaide Damoah Endometriosis Awareness Week 2006 creates noise, light and hope
19 March 2006

Endometriosis Awareness Week was kicked off ouside the UK Parliament at noon on Monday 6 March with a communal SCREAM, symbolic of he pain each woman with endometriosis has to endure and demonstrating their frustration at a lack of funding and action from the government.

High density of small nerve fibres in the functional layer of the endometrium in women with endometriosis
15 March 2006

March 2006 Researchers in Australia suggest that small nerve fibres detected in the functional layer in all women with endometriosis may have important implications for understanding why pain occurs in these patients. Tokushige et al prepared histological sections of endometrial tissue from endometrial curettings and hysterectomies performed on women with endometriosis (n=25 and n=10, respectively) […]

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