Improving research in adenomyosis

The aim of this project is to find a list of outcomes that should be measured and reported in all future studies investigating the treatment of adenomyosis. The aim is to improve research in adenomyosis.

This is called a “core outcome set”. Outcomes are things researchers measure, for example “pain”, “bleeding”, or “satisfaction with treatment”, etc.

Developing and agreeing to a core outcome set will also prevent that negative results are underreported and make studies from different research groups easier to compare.

How to participate?

Do you or your partner have adenomyosis?

Then you can participate in this global project that aims at improving research on adenomyosis: COSAR (Core Outcome Set in Adenomyosis Research).

By clicking on the link below you will enter a survey where you can share your opinion on what you feel are important research outcomes in adenomyosis.

It takes 10-20 minutes to complete the survey and it is open until 18 July 2021!

Why develop a core outcome set in adenomyosis?

It is important that outcomes are chosen carefully so that studies are truly patient-centered and of good quality.

We hope to obtain global participation, so that as large a variety as possible of perspectives are incorporated in the final outcome set!  Physicians, health care professionals, and researchers in the field of adenomyosis also participate in this project.

COSAR has been initiated by an international group of adenomyosis-specialists, please find out more about us on

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