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Harry Reich honoured by RCOG
18 October 2012

Pioneering laparoscopic surgeon, Harry Reich, has been honoured by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists which has appointed him a Fellow (ad eundem). Dr Reich pioneered Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH) and radical excision of endometriosis.

FIGO2012: Fertility Tool Box launches
15 October 2012

The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) has launched a new instrument, The FIGO Fertility Tool Box, focused on alleviating the global burden of infertility.

Attractiveness of women with endometriosis
21 September 2012

New research contributes to the puzzle of why some women develop endometriosis and others don’t. Phenotypic characteristics (body size, colour of skin/eyes/hair, height, weight, etc) may be the pinnacle of a specific genetic arrangement and/or endocrine profile of women with endometriosis.

Symptoms, treatment and support for endometriosis
11 September 2012

Symptoms, treatment and support for endometriosis, a disease that affects one in ten women worldwide (176 million). From

Symptome, Therapiemöglichkeiten und Unterstützung bei Endometriose
11 September 2012

Symptome, Therapiemöglichkeiten und Unterstützung bei Endometriose: eine Erkrankung, die jede 10. Frau weltweit betrifft. Von

Sintomi, trattamenti, e sostegno per l’endometriosi
11 September 2012

Sintomi, trattamenti, e sostegno per l’endometriosi, una malattia che colpisce una donne su dieci in tutto il mondo. Da

Síntomas, tratamiento y apoyo en la endometriosis
11 September 2012

Síntomas, tratamiento y apoyo en la endometriosis, una enfermedad que afecta a una de cada 10 mujeres en todo el mundo.

Symptomes, traitement et support pour l’endométriose
11 September 2012

Symptomes, traitement et support pour l’endométriose, une maladie qui concerne une femme sur dix dans le monde. De

Abortion does not cause endometriosis
6 September 2012

Endometriosis has recently been confused with endometritis. It is NOT the same disease: endometriosis occurs outside the uterus. Endometritis occurs inside the uterus. Neither disease is associated with abortion. Elizabeth Bruce is brave to speak out about the disease!

Googling endometriosis: the lost centuries
1 August 2012

Dr David Redwine’s latest book describes symptoms of endometriosis as far back as 1825 BC adding to the history of the disease and increasing our understanding of its impact. A “master of disguise” endometriosis has been around forever, but has only recently gained recognition as the serious ailment it is for millions of women around the world.

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